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A balanced diet—with plenty of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins—can play a vital role in your health and wellbeing. Find helpful information on food preparation, grocery shopping, gardening, healthier holidays, and more.


Eat SmartEat Smart
Eat SmartEat Smart

Our bodies need physical activity; it helps strengthen our hearts, minds, and souls. Learn about ways to incorporate physical activity into your day. Find helpful information on topics like local trails systems, choosing the right shoes, alternative forms of exercise, and more.


Let's Go! SC

Have you been searching for a website that provides useful information about both healthy eating AND active living? A site where you can find safe and affordable places to exercise, and places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables? A site where you can find local healthy events happening in your community? A site to inspire you? Let's Go SC is your ticket to everything healthy in South Carolina! Health professionals and enthusiasts write for our blogs, sharing ideas and ways to be physically active and eat healthier. The Health Directory can be used to locate places like farmer’s markets, playgrounds, trails and parks near you. And the Healthy Events page lists healthy events like walks and health fairs in your town.

Healthy Eating

South Carolina is a state abundant with healthy foods. There are plenty of options to buy fresh fruits and vegetables near you, and information on how to prepare this food for you and your family. You may want to start a small garden yourself, or learn how to can fruits and vegetables! Get your children involved in meal choices and preparation, and share a family meal with fresh food that you have prepared!

Active Living

Nothing revives the body and soul like enjoying the outdoors. Take a leisurely walk outside without interruption. It’ll help clear your mind and decrease stress! Encourage your children to go outside and play by taking them to a local park or walking trail. You may even try something different from your routine. Geocaching anyone?

Stay Informed

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The number of acres in all 47 of SC State Parks available for recreation and family time.


The Number of Farmers Markets and Roadside Markets in South Carolina.


The Number of Trails and Walking Paths in South Carolina.


The Known Number of Miles of Trails and Walking Paths in South Carolina.