Let's Go SC

Congaree Heritage Preserve

Days/Hours of Operation

Monday: Sunrise – Sunset Tuesday: Sunrise – Sunset Wednesday: Sunrise – Sunset Thursday: Sunrise – Sunset Friday: Sunrise – Sunset Saturday: Sunrise – Sunset Sunday: Sunrise – Sunset

Old State Road and Granby Landing Road, Cayce, SC 29033

More Information

From the parking area, follow red and green trail markers on this winding, occasionally steep, and challenging loop trail through a dense wetland area. You will pass through mixed woods beneath dangling Spanish moss, make your way through tall, swampy grass, and balance atop dikes between murky backwaters. Benches at several points along the trail provide an opportunity to stop for a minute, and possibly observe wildlife including a variety of birds, alligators, large turtles, iridescent-indigo dragonflies, great blue heron, and snakes. During wet weather the trail may be impassible in places. Insect repellent is recommended, especially in warm weather, as well as water and first-aid supplies. Although the trail is located near some of Columbia€s larger industries, the area is quite isolated.

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