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Pre and Postnatal Yoga + Pelvic Floor Workshop

December 14, 2019 | Visit Website


Join Meghan Davidson, PT, DPT, owner of Soulshine Pelvic Health and Wellness and Kyla Saphir, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga instructor, to learn about your pelvic floor and how it changes before, during, and after giving birth.

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes to your body, especially your pelvic floor. This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to understand the changes that occur in the body and how to manage common associated symptoms. Participants will also learn safe ways to exercise both while pregnant and after giving birth.

The two-hour workshop will cover common pregnancy related dysfunction, including pelvic pain, leaking, abdominal separation, scar management, and prolapse. It also will include a 1 hour yoga class with emphasis on this special population. The yoga class will be accessible for all ability levels, for Pregnant mamas, and newly Postpartum moms. We will focus on breath techniques for relaxation, safely engaging the core, and supporting the pelvic floor as well as strengthening and toning the body.

This workshop will be of benefit to anyone who is pregnant, has recently given birth, or is planning on getting pregnant. We welcome all who are interested in this topic, regardless of where you are in your pregnancy journey.


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