Staying Active with a Heavy Work Schedule

In the modern era most feel they don’t have enough time for much aside from typical responsibilities such as work and bills. Unfortunately these same people don’t prioritize their health until later in life where they have to. However I think it’s important as a society we begin being more proactive than reactive. For the typical student or working adult who is busy between 9 and 5 here are some small changes you can make in your daily habits to become more active. Even if it is only 5 or 10 minutes more of physical activity they add up.

  1. If you work or frequent buildings with multiple levels aim to take the stairs more often than the elevator.
  2. Most places you go you need a car, stop fighting for the closest spot and purposefully park further away from your destination to walk a longer distance. It may be an additional minute but you are simply going to and from the car.
  3. When at home try to exercise during downtime. While watching your favorite 30 minute or hour long show do workouts during commercials.
  4. Set goals on step trackers. Many are on phones, or smart watches. 10,000 steps is an average target for most healthy adults.
  5. During leisurely moments where you may otherwise be sedentary and utilizing technology in some way for recreation, instead take a walk. Much of society has now used sedentary actions as space fillers for dull moments in their life, and begin to curve the behavior by going for walks instead.

Bryce Robinson, originally from Brooklyn, New York, earned my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Winthrop University. He is currently working towards being a personal trainer. Some of his interests include watching and playing soccer, acting, and writing. Bryce’s life-long goal is to leave a positive impact on the lives of others and in his career endeavors.


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